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Proudly wear two hats – one as a Senior Product Designer and the other as a creator and educator. Check out my work and let's connect!

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I worked on the video chapters feature in Workplace, making live broadcasts easier to watch.

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Better Moderation

I led the design of the engagement tools for Meta's new Live Studio experience in 2D.

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Making Tax Digital

I revamped the tax submission process in freeAgent, creating a seamless end-to-end experience for freelancers.

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Schedule a 1-to-1 session with me to get feedback on your portfolio, advice on preparing for a job application or interview, or gain clarity in your next career move. During our one-to-one session, I’ll ensure you get all the advice you need to learn and improve your skills and processes after the mentoring period.

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Talking to Sara was really helpful as she is both a peer and also someone who is further along in her career. She's very relatable, a great listener and offered me insight and advice around my portfolio, freelancing, making a shift in my career, and finding jobs. After talking with her, I feel more positive and open-minded about my next steps in design.
Visual & Web Designer
Sara was super helpful! She gave me some really good feedback on my current job history and also gave some great tips for my portfolio redesign and on best places to find work as a UX Designer. She would be a fantastic help for anyone looking to get their first role in the industry and its just great to get feedback from a fellow designer. Thanks again Sara! :)
UX Designer
I had a call with Sara to talk about my portfolio and UX career in general. I am transitioning careers to UX, and at the moment I am looking for a job as a Junior UX. Sara gave me really thoughtful insights on how to position myself in the market and finding ways to approach job postings and where to look for a job. Also, Sara gave me tips in areas to improve my portfolio, and how to present, in a good manner, my case studies during interviews.I am really happy with the session that we had, I am looking forward to putting into practice her insights! Hopefully, I will have good news soon! Thank you, Sara!
Visual & Web Designer
Sara helped me to improve my portfolio case study to be more interview ready, sharing her feedback on what interviewers may look for in candidates. I would recommend her to anyone who is preparing for their first job as a UX/UI designer. Thank you, Sara!
Aspiring UX Designer
I really enjoyed our conversation and I felt like you answered all of my questions clear and professional.
Aspiring UX Designer
Thank you so much for this session. It was nice connecting with you.I got confidence in myself after talking to you and I am motivated to work on my portfolio. Also I would share my progress with you and stay in touch.
Web Designer & Developer
The document that you sent it's great!! The Q&A is really useful with all the examples. Amazing.
Visual Designer
Sei stata molto gentile e disponibile e mi hai dato tantissime informazioni utili! È stata una consulenza piacevole e costruttiva. Spero di continuare a migliorare,  Grazie per i tuoi consigli e per mantenerti una persona umile nonostante la popolarità.
Aspiring UX Designer
Thank you Sara for arranging the 1:1 UX Design Guidance on Superpeer. You have been so kind and patient in reviewing my portfolio and have given me honest feedback. Your suggestions to put together my portfolio has been really helpful for me, and I now have all my work in one place. The one thing I look up to is, how realistic and genuine you are that comes right across. I really appreciate the time and effort you put into doing things for the design community besides your tight schedule.I have been following your work on Instagram and your YouTube channel for quite some time and I am glad to have got the chance to be mentored by you. I love how organized you are and your videos inspire me. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to do what you are doing and I hope to keep in touch and learn more from you.
Graduate UX Designer
I am so grateful to have had a mentoring session with Sara. She was extremely prepared and created a customized plan to help in my pursuit of UX design. She is very personable and was happy to answer all of my questions. Her feedback and critique of my designs were helpful and insightful to improve on my skillset. I would certainly recommend new designers who are looking for support to work with Sara!
Graduate UX Designer